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      You always say graduation is a long way off

      Enrollment season in a twinkling of an eye

      You who are leaving Campus

      Are you ready?

      We already know

      Maybe you're still thinking

      Is it important to choose or work hard?

      No matter how:

      Stick to your dreams and never forget your first thoughts

      Moving forward is our eternal choice.

      Hand in hand with Cologne, meet a struggling youth

      Unity, hard work, innovation, high efficiency!

      Customer Satisfaction is the Only Pursuit of Cologne People

      Our products are applied to a series of projects that represent the strength of our country.

      • 我们的客户遍布世界各个角落

        Our customers are all over the world.

      • 无氟替代,保护环境,有我们科隆的身影

        Fluoride-free substitution, environmental protection, with our image of Kelong

      • 蛟龙深潜、探索深海,有我们科隆的脚印

        Jiaolong dives deep and explores the deep sea with our footprints in Cologne

      Join us



      • 住宿舍,仿佛还在校园

        The dormitory, as if it were still on campus

      • 五险一金,让你的生活更有保障

        Five insurance and one gold to make your life more secure

      Kelong Family

      For sports and entertainment, we have rich and colorful entertainment activities.

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